The unexpected encounter

“It was one night in May while walking through the Gran Via of the Spanish Capital when my attention was attracted by the blue lights and the minimalist style of a bar. It was 2008 and I was in Madrid for one of many business trips.”

First touch

I walked in, took a seat at the bar and admired the bartender preparing a drink with a high visible impact with dedication and creativity That night I tried my first Gin Tonic “Premium”.


That experience changed my life. From that moment on every business trip there has been a new gin bar to discover and a new gin bottle to take home.”


In 2018 the final project of a master was about the creation of a new gin. The combination of this, a 150 bottles collection and the research of the perfect mix brought Piero Dry Gin to life. In fact, the intent was to create a unique gin: repeated tests and experiments with dozens of different plants in search of the ideal distiller in less known part of Italy.


Gianpiero Giuliano

Above all, Piero Dry Gin is Gianpiero, the founder. Heir to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel characters: travelers, captains of fortune, visionary entrepreneurs and passionate managers who from Molise, the “region that does not exist”, emigrate to Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the main cities of Australia, and finally return to Italy.

His journey made of a thousand business trips to different countries, between the contemporary and hipster style of the metropolis and the wealth of multiethnic and intercultural cities, contaminating the most exotic and indigenous tastes, without ever forgetting the love for beauty, the typically Italian design and aesthetics.

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