The production of Piero Dry Gin starts from a careful selection of raw materials: best quality juniper, dried orange peel, marjoram, cardamom, ginger, floral secret ingredient.


All ingredients are dosed and mixed to be placed in hydro alcoholic infusion at about 60 degrees, in a special distillation tank equipped with a basket to contain the botanicals.


After roughly 2 days, a distillation is carried out. The product parts are selected by carefully tasting and discarding some unsuitable parts in order to carefully collect the heart of the distillate.


This operation requires a long experience in the sector. At the end of the distillation it proceeds with the analytical supervision of the distillate, alcohol content and organoleptic analysis. Various dosages follow to define the right quantity to be used for a standard and harmonious finished product, calibrated at 42 alcoholic degrees. The finished product will be left to rest, filtered and packaged.

In collaboration with

the Enrico Toro Distillery

The production of small batches together with the use of selected botanicals, enhance their freshness and intense aromas: Piero Dry Gin is in collaboration with the Enrico Toro Distillery (Abruzzi) and its master distiller Enzo.


Manufactured at Tocco da Casauria factory
Via Tiburtina, 18 – 65028 Pescara (ABR) Italy