This section is dedicated to a careful selection of cocktails intent to enhance every single shade of Piero Dry Gin. Authentic sensorial experiences that evoke the history and flavours of this Italian gin.


Enjoy the essence of Piero Dry Gin and launch new creations. Surprise your friends and become the bartender that anyone would want. Here you will find a selection of recipes that will delight and accompany you in moments of sharing.


Piero Dry Gin and Tonic

Gin tonic is a long drink that is prepared with gin and tonic water that was created in the eighteenth century. The doses of gin to be used vary according to the school of thought but the important thing is that the final result is a gin and tonic with a strong flavor without frills.


2 large ice cubes
50 ml Piero Dry Gin
200 ml of premium tonic water
1 slice of ginger
1 orange peel


Fill a Copa de Balon glass with 2 large ice cubes. Piero Dry Gin and 200 ml of premium tonic water. Finally, garnish with a slice of ginger and an orange peel.